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Bara-Cafe: Kristoffer Krowe by Katze-Kazet
Bara-Cafe: Kristoffer Krowe
N a m e : Kristoffer Krowe

A g e : 21

G e n d e r : Male

D O B : May 30th

O c c u p a t i o n : Performer

W e i g h t : 120lbs

H e i g h t : 5'7"

P e r s o n a l i t y : 

  • Energetic - Simply put, he's always got a lot of energy. He tries to eat right, exercises, so he's always feeling physically great. All that energy needs to go somewhere, so when he's not performing or partying, he's letting it out on the Bara Cafe staff.
  • Bright - Kris always seemsto have a smile on his face, even if it is coy most of the time. He likes happy atmospheres.
  • Loving - People who he keeps close are so important to him and his love knows no bounds. He cares with all of his heart.

  • Vain - Because of his performer status, he loves to be in the limelight all the time. He needs attention and thinks himself more important than you.
  • Clingy - Aside from being loving, he also wants you all to himself and expects the same in return. When he has a favorite, he's not afraid to flaunt it and let it be known.
  • Perverse - Kris is a perverted man. Enough said.

L i k e s / D i s l i k e s : 

    :bulletgreen: Shiny clothes
    :bulletgreen: Makeup
    :bulletgreen: Fast cars
    :bulletgreen: His hair

    :bulletred: Coffee
    :bulletred: Little dogs
    :bulletred: People with sour attitudes
    :bulletred: Junk food

H i s t o r y : 

Kristoffer was born into the circus. He grew up with the circus. He lived and breathed the circus. Everything he learned thanks to the circus and he loved it. Everyone there was like family and he always found support from the other members when he needed it. Secretly, he thought of the ringmaster as a sort-of father figure. One day, Kristoffer would be a ringmaster, too. But until that time, he was fine with fire eating and body contorting.

People always loved his portions of the show. There was something about a kid bending his body in extreme positions or eating fire that had them sitting at the edge of their seats. Of course, Kristoffer loved the attention and eventually created a name for himself. “Kristoffer the White Krowe” was what they put on posters. His outfits were dazzling. And his pale features mixed with his stunning red eyes really helped to create fans. Kristoffer was definitely a crowd favorite.

As with all jobs, a man needs a break from his work to relax and recharge. Bara Cafe was just the ticket. Beautiful men, delicious food, and nice conversation was what he needed to refuel on his off days. He found the place one day as he strolled for fresh air. Curious, he stepped inside and found a sweet little treat all for himself. He's made himself a regular ever since.

A d d i t i o n a l :

  • He likes to be called by his full name, but Kristoffer will do. The  nickname "Kris" is reserved for people he's really close to. It'll make him mad if you use that nickname and he doesn't know you well enough.
  • He really likes berries.
  • Homosexual
  • He has a habit of twirling his hair around his fingers, especially when he's flirting. Sometimes he'll braid it during a conversation.
  • He always crosses his legs while sitting and ususally bobs his foot.

C o n t a c t : 

Comments, notes, google docs, twitter: @katzekazet, skype only after a friendship is established.
Eastarn Standard Time (EST)
I'd like to use my twitter more for something, so if you wanna contact me there go right on ahead! We can use the space to talk or do headcanons~

R p - S a m p l e : 

The air was so cold, hitting his fair face. It brought out the redness under his skin, his nose and cheeks rosy like his lips. He bit the lower of the two as he held his coat closer to his body, sqeezing the collar of the material to keep the cold air out. That was the only downside of coming to the cafe. It was so far from his apartment, but at least he got a bit of a workout from it. His calves were fabulous.

The bell on the door jingled, signaling his entrance as he walked in, a broad and bright smile on his perfectly made-up face. The warmth hit him so wonderfully, carressing his chilled features and bringing out the pinks in his complexion even more.

"Did you miss me?"

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